MAP and PATH to plan with Carl

Carl who lived with his father, wanted to plan his future with Michael. One day Carl’s father was involved in an accident. Since then his father had to stay in a rehab-clinic and Carl, has lived with grandparents.

Carl feels very uncomfortable living with his grandparents, because of their old-fashioned way of thinking. He is in love with Ann, and he wants to move in with her. Ann owns a house with a garden and lots of space for Carl and his stuff. Carl doesn´t know how to handle the move to a new place and out of his grandparent’s house, so he contacted his caretaker at work who had heard about person centred planning.

They approached Michael asking him to facilitate a person centered plan for Carl. He arranged a meeting with him before they started to get to know him and to discuss the methods they might use. This helped Carl decide, if he wanted Michael to support him with his plan which he did.

The circle of support consisted of: Carl and his caretaker, his girlfriend and her caretaker, the boss of the sheltered workshop where Carl is employed, the chief of personal assistance in this region, the co-facilitator and Michael.At the first meeting with Carls´ circle of support, they spoke about PCP and the rules for a good discussion like:

  • letting someone finish his sentence without interruption
  • there are no silly questions
  • Carl determines the speed of the process
  • mutual respect
  • simple language
  • humour

In the first circle meeting we used MAP and discussed Carl’s dreams and wishes, completed it at the second and at all succeeding meetings we updated the action plan, discussed the problems, what we could do better and what we learned. In my opinion the planning proceeded quite well. That is not only due to Carl´s commitment, but also due to the circle of support. However communication with his financial advocate could have been better.
During the next three meetings we created a PATH where Carl planed moving out from his grandparents to his girlfriend’s. From my point of view, this method shouldn´t be used for minutely detailed planning of Carl’s life, but the focus should be on the preferences and the empowerment of Carl.

The first task was to create a north star for/with Carl. The star gives the direction and consists of:

  • ideals
  • values &
  • hopes


The next issue was to think about what is positive and possible for Carl to achieve. These become the objectives that the support teamwork towards achieving with him,


We recorded what life was like now, who may help Karl achieve his goals, and how he can recharge his batteries

In the last three steps we discussed the next tasks, what can we achieve in six months and the actions to accomplish the next seven days. The whole PATH process took about 8 hours, divided up into 3 succeeding meetings.

Nowadays Carl lives with his girlfriend in her house. Carl has some new skills, how to financially make ends meet. Also he helps Ann with the household.