Monika's MAP meeting

Preparing the meeting

Henrik works in the organisation as facilitator. At their planning meeting Henrik brought dream-cards with him. Talking about the pictures and statements on the cards helped Henrik to get to know Monika’s dreams and lifestyle. When they had finished Henrik took a photograph of the cards to remember what Monika said.

She talked about:

  • being alone when I want to
  • having a party
  • having an opportunity to get to places I want to
  • having friends to go in for something
  • going on holidays
  • losing weight
  • buy what I want to
  • going out
  • having a pet
  • living on a farm
  • marry my boyfriend

The planning meeting with MAP

The day has come. Monika is very excited, with Henrik she prepares the café she chose for the meeting. There is coffee and cake and on the walls there are some large sheets of paper on which Christa, who Monika chose as her graphic facilitator, will write down what is said in the meeting. Christa will also make some drawings. This will make it easier for Monika to understand the words. After all is well prepared the members of Monika’s circle of supporters come to the café. Nearly all of the people Monika invited are there. Just one former assistant of Monika couldn't come.

After a few minutes to get to know each other better Henrik starts the MAP-process. They go through all the steps of this process. Henrik makes sure that Monika is always in the focus of the discussion and that there are no decisions made that Monika doesn't want. Christa takes down all the important topics on the sheets on the wall in easy-to-read-language.

Finally the meeting ends and Monika is relieved and glad of the results of the planning-process. She takes the sheets of paper, where the steps are taken down, home with her. There she will put them on the wall so that she can always see what they have planned. The next time Monika wants to change something important in her life she may choose Henrik as her facilitator again.
A few weeks after the meeting (MAP) Monika got two guinea pigs. She still has them. It took a long time to find another place to live. It is difficult to find a farm-like place in a city like Vienna and Monika didn’t want to live at the country-side but recently ago a flat sharing community was found. In this place Monika can communicate with her flatmates quite well. Monika thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of moving there and will make her decision soon.