Mrs. Hinterseer's Review

Mrs. Hinterseer lives in Saalfelden in Austria in the “Villa”, a very charming old mansion in which she and four men live. She gets part time assistance for about 17 years now.

Mrs. Hinterseer had had a fall an injured her leg, she had to move to other accommodation because the ‘Villa’ where she lived on the 2nd floor was not accessible. Her team held a review to think about how they could support her in the best way.

Mrs. Hinterseer began preparing by making a book for the review, she chose music and a saying:
'Man loves to see only his bad luck and to ignore his good luck. Would he see right, so he would realize that both is bestowed upon him.' F. M. Dostojewski (translated by Karin)

The meeting was lovely, she chose coffee and cake and a friend brought lovely flowers for decoration. Besides her personal assistants there were also her sister and a very dear friend of hers. At the beginning of the meeting everybody thought about what they like and admire about Mrs. Hinterseer. There was a long list: Her helpfulness, that she can see beauty, her flexibility, her friendliness and care for others, her accuracy at work, her patience, her trust, humor and creativity, her smile and  responsibility.

Very important to Mrs. Hinterseer are the weekly visits to the local church and the prayers at the Rosenkranz chapel. Her friend and the Villa-Team agreed to drive her to the Sunday mass. To get to the Rosenkranz chapel they organised a taxi every Friday afternoon. It is also important to get to a supermarket every week. The coordinator of the yellow flat offered to take her on Monday or to buy things she needs for her.
She also needs times of peace, tranquillity and the opportunity to withdraw from the group. Besides that she needs to keep in touch with her family and friends.

There were some difficult issues that needed addressing. Recorded on the ‘What does Mrs. Hinterseer need to stay healthy and safe’ poster was that she needed to live in a barrier free environment. The Villa where she usually lives is not barrier free. We made an action plan we check if a stair-climbing help would be possible to adjust. Unfortunately it’s not possible.

Some people believed that it is best for Mrs. Hinterseer to keep on living in the fully assisted institution; others believed she should move to another town or to an elderly home. However, Mrs Hinterseer dreams of going back to live in the Villa. We called on another meeting, this time with agents from the money source and from the management.

After discussing wishes and requirements of Mrs. Hinterseer, supported by her personal assistant and future planner, we considered some more possibilities. Now we have the authorization from the money source to find a matching flat for her which is barrier free. She will get two hours assistance after work on weekdays and on weekends she can join the fully assisted home or the Villa. She is also free to participate in their recreational program. Until the organisation finds a matching flat she has to live in the guestroom of the full assisted home.  

Up to the time of writing the visits to church and the Rosenkranz chapel are working very well on a regular basis. Every Monday Mrs. Hinterseer chooses to either go shopping or place a list of her needs in the yellow flat. She also meets her family and her friend regularly and occasionally she is invited for lunch in the Villa. Mrs. Hinterseer is pleased with this solution. This way she can stay independent – and if she likes – she can join the group. Besides that she is kept up to date regarding the process of finding a flat.

Mrs. Hinterseer and her team

Without a person centred review the team supporting Mrs Hinterseer may not have considered what was important to Mrs. Hinterseer and focused only on what needed to happen to keep her safe. It is not easy to solve all the problems which may be raised and the first solution may not work. In these circumstances it is important to keep working on the issue as Mrs Hinterseer and her staff are doing. They also invited other key people who make financial decisions to the review so Mrs. Hinterseer could put her case to them directly which may not have happened in other styles of review.