The four plus one questions

This reflective tool can be used to think about what staff or others understand about a person and what needs to change.


The tool asks four questions:

  1. What have we tried?
  2. What have we learned?
  3. What are we pleased about?
  4. What are we concerned about?


This tool helps:
•    Staff to reflect on their understanding about a person
•    Promote understanding in a team meetings or supervision.
•    Exploring issues more deeply.



The short description of the method in the minibook person centred thinking you find here.

A template (see graphic) for the four and one question tool you will find on the website and here.

An explanation of the 4 + 1 questions tool and examples you can also find on the website of Helen Sanderson Associates


SANDERSON, Helen & GOODWIN, Gill (2007): Person Centred Thinking Stockport: HSA Press.