What’s Working and What’s not working

This tool enables the person and those supporting them to reflect on how things are going in their lives, to problem solve and set actions about making changes. It gives an opportunity for the person, staff and family to share their views and offers time to reflect.
This tools helps

  • To make sure the persons view is heard
  • To set actions and create change
  • To understand what services and organisations need to do to improve services

Examples of the working/not working tool from the project you will find in the stories of Helen and Sabine 


A template (see graphic) for working/not working tool you will find on the website http://www.thinkandplan.com/ and here.

The short description of the method in the minibook person centred thinking you find here.

An explanation of the tool and examples you can also find on the website of Helen Sanderson Associates


SANDERSON, Helen & GOODWIN, Gill (2007): Person Centred Thinking Stockport: HSA Press. http://www.personcentredplanning.eu/files/hsa_minibook_pcp.pdf